North American Association of Racetrack Veterinarians (NAARV) is an organization founded in 2014 with its inaugural meeting at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City on Sunday December 7th, 2014. Due to overwhelming interest by the members of the Track Vets group, AAEP and non-AAEP members alike, we have undertaken to form a Track Vets organization. Among our goals are complete transparency and to always seek input from our constituency.

The AAEP necessarily has a diluted mission which requires lack of focus on any particular discipline for the horse. NAARV was formed for the purpose of focusing on the unique health and welfare needs of the racehorse.  It is NAARV's position that it is the Racetrack Practitioner who can best speak for the welfare of the race horse. It is only within the context of an exclusive organization that we can accomplish these goals. We seek a complementary and not antagonistic relationship with the Equine Practitioner's flagship organization.