Small Animal Alaskan Mushing CE Experience (Internal Medicine) - 5 Days of Lectures, Case-Discussions & Mushing

Sat, 25 January, 2025 - Wed, 29 January, 2025


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Internal Medicine – Endocrinology, Haematology, Infectious Diseases, Parasitology & Oncology

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This event will be held near Anchorage, Alaska, 1 hr north of Anchorage International Airport.  Attendees will be provided with the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with some legendary canine athletes that compete each year in the famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  They will give event attendees a taste of what it is like to race these impressive athletes. 

On Sunday afternoon, the attendees will learn how to handle sled dogs, including harnessing and other preparations, before taking a 1 ½ - 2 hour wilderness ride to become familiar with the experience of travelling by dogsled.  This will be the preamble for a longer half-day sled dog trip either on Monday or Tuesday afternoon, during which the attendees will be able to drive their own sled and team of dogs through the Alaska wilderness.  Nothing compares to the experience of leaving civilization behind and traveling through the snow-covered Alaskan countryside on a sled pulled by some of the most elite athletes in the world – the racing Alaskan sled dog. 

Alternative optional outdoor activities, such as ice fishing, flightseeing around Denali, guided glacier hiking/climbing tours, backcountry snowmobile or bike adventures etc. will be on offer for all attendees on their free afternoon (Mon or Tue, depending on group assignment, attendees to make their own arrangements; not incl. in the attendance fee) and especially on the last day from 10am onwards.

Regardless of whether you choose to mush, fly, climb, or hike, you will see parts of Alaska that very few ever get to see!


  • Dr. Andrea Johnston  DVM, Dipl.ACVIM (SAIM), PhD – Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dr. Harry Cridge   MVB, MS, Dipl.ACVIM-SAIM, Dipl.ECVIM-CA, MRCVS – Michigan State University, USA


The program will consist of interactive Lectures & Case-Discussions covering internal medicine topics.

This event fee includes two wilderness sled dog rides (1½-2hrs & 4hrs), a wine & cheese reception, a course dinner, refreshments, lunches on each day, extensive lecture notes and a RACE-approved certificate of attendance.

The event fee does not include flights, travel to and from the event location, accommodation and any of the outdoor activities on the free afternoon on Day 3 or 4 (depending on group) nor on Day 5 (10am – 4pm).  All alternative outdoor activities on the free afternoon and on Day 5 need to be booked directly with each provider listed under the ‘Travel Information’ tab.

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  1. VetPD Ltd, accepts liability for the event program only (lectures, refreshments and wine & cheese reception).
  2. Liability for travel, accommodation, lunches, course dinner, sled dog rides and alternative outdoor activities rest with the respective service providers. Cancellation of these components of the event is subject to the Terms & Conditions of each service provider (see here for further details).
  3. Attendees are expected to take out comprehensive medical and travel insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to attendees falling ill, suffering an accident or having to cancel their trip.
  4. Due to the popularity of the event it is not guaranteed that attending guests will be on the same dog sled rides than the veterinarian they are traveling with.

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska

Snowmobile Adventure
Single person Machine $225/ Double Person Machine $325
Departing at 9:30 Am or 12:30 PM daily, this is the perfect adventure to get you into the wilderness and riding. This tour travels on the historic Iditarod trail alongside wide open powder fields to play in as well as groomed trails through snow-covered forests and lakes.

Ice Fishing
$125 per person
Ice fishing in Alaska is a real deal experience. Whether you’re trying it out for the first time or you’ve got a bunch of fishing tales yourself, our friendly guides are here to help you out. They’ll set you up with gear, show you the ropes, and share some local tips. This tour departs at 10:30 AM daily. This does not include a fishing license.

Northern Lights Combination Tours (Overnight Accommodations)
2D/1N Dogsledding/Snowmobile/Northern Lights—$775 per person 2D/1 N Snowmobile/Northern Lights—$635 per person 3D/2 N Dogsledding/Snowmobile/ Icefishing/Northern Lights—$1050 pp
This all-inclusive overnight combination tour brings together the best of all of Alaska’s great winter adventures from dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and northern lights viewing as well as great food and comfortable accommodations.

Please visit www.snowhookadventures.com for more information and additional combination tour availabilities. Prices quoted on this flyer are valid through December 1, 2024 for VET PD participants and guests.


Alaska Bike Adventures

Anchorage Fat Bike Tours
Anchorage’s trail network multiplies during the winter months and makes it the best place for winter fat biking. Go out on one of our winter fat biking trips and see how these 4” to 5” tires are superior for the winter conditions!
$80 pp for 1 hour Fat Bike Costal Trail Ride
$130 pp for 2 hour Fat Bike Ride - For more information and to book click HERE


Matanuska Winter Glacier Tours

Glacier Hike
The Matanuska Glacier is one of Alaska’s premier destinations. At 27 miles long and 4 miles wide, it is Alaska’s largest glacier accessible by road. Marvel at ice that formed thousands of years ago high in the Chugach Mountains. It also boasts one of the most accessible areas to walk on of any glaciers in Alaska. Each day is unique due to the dynamic nature of the glacier. This is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list opportunity to explore glacial ice!
3 hour tour. Gear will be provided. Pick up from Happy Trails Kennels will be arranged.
From $125 per person - For more information and to book click HERE


Adventures by True North AK

Starlight Snowshoe Adventure
Starlight Snowshoeing is a a snowshoe hike under the cover of darkness, where we explore the winter woodlands of Alaska on a guided snowshoe hike. On this guided tour we look for the creatures of the night, the stars, the planets, and of course, the Northern Lights!
This trip is $140 per person minimum of two people or cash equivalent for any pick up in the Palmer or Wasilla Alaska area..

Ice Fishing Adventure
Ice fishing is a unique sport that is only offered in the winter months when the ice is thick enough to carry the weight of the people on it and the equipment needed to keep you warm and dry. This trip is designed for those who have little to no experience fishing and/or ice fishing. 
This trip is $100 per person minimum of two people or cash equivalent.
Contact Adventures by True North AK to schedule extra services like:
Shuttle services to and from your destination are $50
Cook your fish on-site for $30 

Please visit www.adventurealaska.net for more information.


K2 Aviation Talkeetna Denali Flightseeing

Talkeetna Denali Flightseeing
This winter tour explores the Southside of the Alaska Range. Your pilot will be your guide and customize your tour based on weather conditions for the day. Enter into the heart of the Alaska Range to explore endless glaciers, massive mountains and the majesty of Denali itself.
Minimum 2 people, up to 10. 1 hour flight time. 
From $230 per person - For more information and to book click HERE

Dr. Johnston earned her B.S. in Microbiology and Veterinary Sciences from the University of Arizona and her D.V.M. from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine at Cornell and earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from UT Southwestern in Dallas. Dr. Johnston is currently an assistant professor at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, where she is investigating the role of mitochondrial membrane protein PGAM5 in hepatocellular carcinoma. Her clinical interests are canine and feline hepatobiliary disease.

Dr. Cridge graduated from University College Dublin in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine. Following graduation he moved to the US to complete an Internship and medicine residency at Mississippi State University. Alongside his residency Dr. Cridge also completed a Masters of Science degree. His thesis was entitled “Preliminary Investigations into Pharmacodynamic Monitoring of Cyclosporine in Cats”. He was awarded diplomate status of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2021. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine at Michigan State University, USA.

Please download the Program PDF to view it: Download PDF


1850 East Bogard Road

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Mat-Su Resort
1850 East Bogard Road
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska
23880 Long Lake Road
Willow, AK 99688



From Anchorage:

Please head the following advice on driving in Alaska:

  • Make sure everything on your car is working and in good shape, including good tires, wiper blades, and lights.  Make sure you have an ice scraper for the windshield and windows, and maybe also some paper towels or napkins to clean grime and ice off your headlights if they seem to be getting dim.  In January, you will only have a few hours of bright daylight so headlights are a real necessity.
  • Very few rental cars will be equipped with winter tires because the cars mostly get used during the summer tourist season.  Don’t try to keep up with the locals driving metal studded winter tires – just because they can drive safely at a certain speed (or think they can) doesn’t mean your rental car can too.  Make your own decisions regarding your speed on a particular surface and let them go around you if they want to go faster.
  • Know the road conditions before you leave.  Alaska maintains a very informative, very useful website (https://511.alaska.gov/map) with all of the road conditions posted daily.  In many cases, these conditions are updated several times a day as the highway department trucks travel down the roads.  If the report on the section of road of interest is more than a day old, it usually means the highway department hasn’t been able to get down it.  So you probably shouldn’t try.
  • Road conditions can change rather abruptly – one moment the road is dry because it has been in the sun for a few hours, the next moment it is wet ice because it is in the shade.  Take your time and enjoy the scenery.
  • Watch out for wildlife, particularly moose.  In areas of deep snow, moose will get frustrated at having so much difficulty moving around, so they go looking for someplace with less snow – like that nicely plowed 2 lane highway.  And they won’t leave just because there is a very large vehicle bearing down on them at a high rate of speed.  If you see moose anywhere (on the road or just alongside it), slow down.  They are extremely stupid animals and will quite willingly walk right into your path just because….well, who knows why moose do what they do.
  • Don’t let your gas tank drop below half-full.  Gas stations can be few and far between, and may or may not be open in the more remote areas.  Besides, you needed to stop for some coffee and stretch your legs.



Anchorage International Airport

Airport Transportation:
Snowy Peaks Transport
Contact: Delfy Monks

Snowy Peaks Transport can also provide transportation to other activities.


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