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Originally specialized in ultrasound technology development since its founding in 2002, SonoScape has taken to the world stage and is a leading manufacture of ultrasound technology.

In 2004 SonoScape took the world by surprise by producing the world’s first 15” LCD portable color Doppler ultrasound system and irreversibly changed the ultrasound market forever.

Since then SonoScape has continuously developed advance ultrasound technologies thanks to our dedicated R&D team of highly experienced medical engineers. We have incorporated what we have learned in building world leading ultrasound technologies and miniaturized it into our portable veterinary systems for the best user experience. Focusing on the needs of veterinary sonographers and the well being of their patients, SonoScape veterinary systems are tailor made to give the most efficient and comfortable examination.

SonoScape develops powerful hand held ultrasound systems for use in the field without sacrificing any of the advantages and strengths found in larger trolley systems. Advance portable systems such as the X5V, S8ExpV, and the S9V from SonoScape are all ideally suited for use with animals. Being light and easy to use they also still have the advance technologies typically found in trolley based systems and give crystal clear images for a confident diagnosis in any setting.