Dylan Gorvy

BSc BVSc PhD CertES (Soft Tissue) Dipl. ECVS


Horse Surgery

Dr. Dylan Gorvy BSc BVSc PhD CertES (Soft Tissue) Dipl. ECVSDylan studied Veterinary Medicine at Bristol University and graduated in 1998. After his internship at Horse Veterinary Surgery at Royal Veterinary College in London, he moved to Manchester for research on the emergence of interactions between the various organ of the gut. After a doctorate in 2003, Dylan completed a three-year surgical further education at Liverpool University, then moving to Sweden with wife and three children. For the past 5 years, Dylan has been a head surgeon at the horse department at the Regional Animal Hospital in Strömsholm. He has a European specialist competence in horse surgery since 2008 (Dipl ECVS). Dylan is a partner in Mälaren Hästklinik and Hhead of the Operations department.

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